About Us

Garsons Fly In Outposts White River Air

As long time NOTO members (Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario), we welcome you to the heart of Algoma country. As owners of Garson’s Fly-In Outposts since 2002, we continue to serve up wilderness, nature and fishing that is second to none!

Step aboard a floatplane to start your fly-in adventure!

White River Air and Forde Lake Air Service are complete float charter services. They provide transportation on floats. White River Air utilizes the the DHC-2 Beaver and a De Havilland Turbine Otter. Forde Lake Air Service utilizes the DHC-2 Beaver.


Each guest must bring with them a life jacket that is in good condition and is approved either in Canada or your state of origin.


Guests can boil the lake water for drinking and cleaning purposes.


Bright coloured jig heads used in conjunction with bright mister twister tails (orange, yellow, white, chartreuse green) along with live bait (minnows, worms, leeches) are most effective for walleye. Any artificial lures such as dare devils and other spoons attract pike.